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Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons

About this Camp:
New Class! Don't just play Minecraft! Turn Minecraft from a game into a visual learning tool! This class will reinforce problem solving skills and spatial cognition through learning to create in-game Dungeons and Treasure Map. Student working in pairs, will learn basic game design skills while they collaborate to build Adventure maps, as well as some other advanced features in Minecraft. This class has a strong emphasis on creativity, exploration, and cooperative learning experiences.

Summer 2018 Camp Schedule
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Registration District Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Coming Soon Rochester CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Jun 11     Jun 14    9:30am    12:00pm    3rd-6th  
Coming Soon Centennial CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Jun 11     Jun 13    1:00pm    4:00pm    2nd-6th  
Coming Soon Woodbury - New Life AcademyNew Life Academy
  Jun 11     Jun 14    1:00pm    4:00pm    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Kasson-Mantorville CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Jun 18     Jun 20    9:00am    12:00pm    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Roseville - Tech AcademyTech Academy (Roseville)
Little Canada
  Jun 25     Jun 26    1:00pm    4:00pm    2nd-6th  
Coming Soon Bloomington CETBD  Jul 2     Jul 6    9:00am    3:30pm    1st-5th  
Coming Soon Lakeville CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Jul 16     Jul 19    9:00am    12:00pm      
register Minneapolis Rec - Pershing CenterMinneapolis Rec - Pershing Center
  Jul 16     Jul 19    9:00am    12:00pm    2nd-6th  
Coming Soon Mounds View CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Aug 6     Aug 9    1:00pm    4:00pm    3rd-7th  
Coming Soon South Washington CEColumbia Academy
Columbia Heights
  Aug 6     Aug 9    1:00pm    3:30pm    2nd-6th  

About Us:

We offer research-proven technology and science summer day camps for ages 3-14. We believe learning should be fun, innovative, challenging and hands-on. Computer Explorers has over 200 camps throughout Minnesota each summer. We offer 30 different classes/camp in Video Game Design, Programming, Legos, Robotics, Engineering, and Film Making. We have been offering computer technology camps and classes in the Twin Cities for over 20 years, and 30 years nationally.

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