Computer Explorers of Minnesota

Workshops, Weekend & Evening Classes

Computer Explorers offers one day workshops, evening & weekend classes for ages 4-14 throughout Minnesota. The complete list of upcoming STEM classes can be found below. Please follow the registration link for pricing.

February 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderRichardson Elementary (N St Paul)Feb 2Feb 29:00am12:00pmK-6th
Register Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsRiver Falls HighFeb 3Feb 39:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Java Minecraft Mod DevelopmentChaska HighFeb 3Feb 39:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: New DimensionsCentral Middle (Wayzata)Feb 3Feb 109:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Robotic EngineeringMinnetonka Community Education CenterFeb 3Feb 109:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Junior Engineering: Theme ParksEast Ridge HS (Woodbury)Feb 3Feb 39:30am12:30pmK-3rd
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderBloomington Community Ed CampusFeb 10Feb 109:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft EngineeringSweeney Elem (Shakopee)Feb 10Feb 109:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersMonticello MiddleFeb 10Feb 109:00am12:00pmK-3
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsTwin Oaks Middle (Prior Lake)Feb 10Feb 109:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsCottage Grove Middle School (Cottage Grove)Feb 12Feb 126:00pm8:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft EngineeringPlymouth Creek Activity Center (Plymouth)Feb 17Feb 179:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Coming Soon Java Minecraft Mod DevelopmentSt. Michael-Albertville HighFeb 17Feb 179:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: BattlebotsAndover ElementaryFeb 17Feb 179:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Coming Soon Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsKenwood Trail Middle (Lakeville)Feb 19Feb 199:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register Minecraft: CreativeEducation Center (Eden Prairie)Feb 19Feb 199:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersRiver Falls HighFeb 19Feb 199:00am12:00pmK-3
Register Robotic Builders: BattlebotsEast Ridge HS (Woodbury)Feb 22Feb 226:00pm8:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsCentral Middle (Wayzata)Feb 24Feb 249:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Java Minecraft Mod DevelopmentBlack Hawk Middle (Eagan)Feb 24Mar 39:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Coming Soon Java Minecraft Mod DevelopmentDelano HighFeb 24Feb 249:00am12:00pm3-8
Register Minecraft: CreativeNorthrop CE Center (Rochester)Feb 24Feb 249:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringTwin Oaks Middle (Prior Lake)Feb 24Mar 39:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Game CodingSt. Paul Academy and Summit SchoolFeb 24Mar 179:00am10:20am1st-2nd
Coming Soon Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsHandke Center (Elk River)Feb 24Feb 249:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Intro to Game CodingSt. Paul Academy and Summit SchoolFeb 24Mar 1710:40am12:00pm3rd-4th

March 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register RC RoboticsEducation Center (Eden Prairie)Mar 2Mar 29:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft Movie MakingChaska HighMar 3Mar 39:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringNorthrop CE Center (Rochester)Mar 3Mar 39:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsCentral Middle (Wayzata)Mar 3Mar 109:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Movie MakingDuluth & Case Rec (St Paul)Mar 5Mar 265:30pm7:00pmK-8th
Register Minecraft Movie MakingGlen Lake Activity Center (Minnetonka)Mar 10Mar 109:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register EV3 RoboticsSweeney Elem (Shakopee)Mar 10Mar 109:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsRiver Falls HighMar 10Mar 109:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsChaska HighMar 10Mar 109:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsSpring Lake Park City HallMar 10Mar 109:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft Movie MakingArlington Hills Community Center (St Paul)Mar 10Mar 101:00pm4:00pm1st-6th
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingTurtle Lake Elementary (Shoreview)Mar 12Mar 1310:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsDiamondhead Ed Center (Burnsville)Mar 12Mar 1210:00am12:00pm1s-5th
Coming Soon Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsSt. Michael-Albertville HighMar 17Mar 1710:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingEducation Center (Eden Prairie)Mar 17Mar 1710:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft EngineeringBloomington Community Ed CampusMar 17Mar 1710:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Coming Soon Star Wars Robotic BuildersEisenhower ElementaryMar 17Mar 1710:00am12:00pm2-5
Register Intro to Game CodingEast Ridge HS (Woodbury)Mar 17Mar 1710:30am12:30pm1st-4th
Register Minecraft EngineeringSt. Anthony Community CenterMar 20Mar 2010:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: New DimensionsSt. Anthony Community CenterMar 22Mar 2210:00am12:00pm6th-8th
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingNorth Branch HighMar 24Mar 2410:00am12:00pm1st-8th
Coming Soon Minecraft EngineeringRockford Community CenterMar 24Mar 2410:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Pokemon Movie MakingHighview Middle (New Brighton)Mar 24Mar 2410:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsMeadowview Elementary (Farmington)Mar 26Mar 2610:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersFalcon Ridge Middle (Apple Valley)Mar 26Mar 2710:00am12:00pm2nd-5th
Register Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderMinnetonka Community Education CenterMar 26Mar 2710:00am12:00pm2nd-5th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsCarver Elementary (Maplewood)Mar 26Mar 2910:00am10:30am3rd-6th
Register Java Minecraft Mod DevelopmentProgram Center (Cottage Grove)Mar 27Mar 2810:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsMeadowview Elementary (Farmington)Mar 27Mar 2710:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Coming Soon Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsLincoln Center ElementaryMar 27Apr 104:00pm4:30pm3rd-6th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersMeadowview Elementary (Farmington)Mar 28Mar 2810:00am12:00pmK-6th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersProgram Center (Cottage Grove)Mar 28Mar 2810:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Engineering and MotorsProgram Center (Cottage Grove)Mar 29Mar 2910:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsProgram Center (Cottage Grove)Mar 29Mar 2910:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Coming Soon Minecraft EngineeringDiscovery Center (Buffalo)Mar 30Mar 3010:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register MinecraftEduLangford Rec Center (St Paul)Mar 30Mar 302:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Video Game CodingTwin Oaks Middle (Prior Lake)Mar 31Apr 710:00am12:00pm5th-8th

April 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Robotics: Jedi and Imperial DroidsMinnetonka Community Education CenterApr 2Apr 210:00am12:00pm3rd-5th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsDiscovery Center (Orono)Apr 2Apr 210:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsEducation Center (Eden Prairie)Apr 2Apr 310:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Pokemon Movie MakingEducation Center (Eden Prairie)Apr 4Apr 510:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderGlen Lake Activity Center (Minnetonka)Apr 7Apr 710:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersChaska HighApr 7Apr 710:00am12:00pm2nd-5th
Register Pokemon Movie MakingSpring Lake Park City HallApr 7Apr 710:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsMonticello MiddleApr 7Apr 710:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsRoosevelt Middle (Blaine)Apr 7Apr 1410:30am12:30pm4th-8th
Coming Soon Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderAndover ElementaryApr 14Apr 1410:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Coming Soon Star Wars Robotic BuildersSt. Michael-Albertville HighApr 14Apr 1410:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Game Coding: PlatformerNorthrop CE Center (Rochester)Apr 14Apr 2110:00am12:00pm3RD-6TH
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsPlymouth Creek Activity Center (Plymouth)Apr 14Apr 1410:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingCentral Middle (Wayzata)Apr 21Apr 2110:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft EngineeringNorth Branch HighApr 28Apr 2810:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Pokemon Movie MakingAndover ElementaryApr 28May 510:00am12:00pm1ST-5TH
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersChaska HighApr 28Apr 2810:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersFridley Community CenterApr 28Apr 2810:00am12:00pmK-3rd

May 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Minecraft Movie MakingShirley Hills Elementary (Mound)May 4May 410:00am12:00pmK-5th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersSpring Lake Park City HallMay 5May 510:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Coming Soon Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsBloomington Community Ed CampusMay 5May 510:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Game CodingNorthrop CE Center (Rochester)May 19May 1910:00am12:00pm1st-4th

June 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Coming Soon Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderTBDJun 8Jun 810:00am2:00pm2nd-6th
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingJonathan ElementaryJun 11Jun 1310:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register Extreme Robotics: BattlebotsRoosevelt Community SchoolJun 11Jun 1510:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorOrono Education LinkJun 11Jun 1410:00am12:00pm2nd-7th
Register Robotic Builders: BattlebotsPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 13Jun 1510:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Hacking Java GamesPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 13Jun 152:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 18Jun 2110:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorVictoria ElementaryJun 18Jun 2010:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 18Jun 212:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingBrackett Rec CenterJun 25Jun 2610:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderCedar Island Elementary (Maple Grove)Jun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register Python CodingBluff Creek Elementary (Eastern Carver)Jun 25Jun 2710:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Hacking Java GamesDeephaven ElementaryJun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Intro to Game CodingMinneapolis Rec - Pershing CenterJun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderDr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkJun 25Jun 2811:00am1:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotic BuildersCedar Island Elementary (Maple Grove)Jun 25Jun 282:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register 3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural DesignOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jun 25Jun 282:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersArmatage Parks (Mpls)Jun 25Jun 282:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersPlymouth Creek ElementaryJun 25Jun 282:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsDr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkJun 25Jun 283:00pm5:00pm2nd-6th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorRiver Crest Elem (Hudson)Jun 26Jun 2910:00am12:00pm4th-8th

July 2018 Courses

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Minecraft EngineeringBrackett Rec CenterJul 2Jul 310:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Pokemon Movie MakingPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 2Jul 310:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Advanced Minecraft Mods: Industrial RevolutionPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 5Jul 610:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic BuildersLily Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 1210:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Hacking Java GamesDeephaven ElementaryJul 9Jul 1210:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Hacking Minecraft: Mods, Skins, and TexturesOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 9Jul 1210:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockOrono Intermediate (Orono)Jul 9Jul 1210:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Unity Game EnginePlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register EV3 RoboticsLily Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register EV3 RoboticsOrono Intermediate (Orono)Jul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Super-toolExcelsior ElementaryJul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockCedar Island Elementary (Maple Grove)Jul 9Jul 122:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsFarmington Community Education CenterJul 10Jul 1210:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Hacking Java GamesFarmington Community Education CenterJul 10Jul 122:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorRoosevelt Community SchoolJul 13Jul 1310:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsJonathan ElementaryJul 16Jul 1810:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft Multiplayer: City BuilderRoosevelt Community SchoolJul 16Jul 2010:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Video Game CodingLily Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 1910:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Game Coding: PlatformerPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 16Jul 1910:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Hacking Java GamesOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 16Jul 1910:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Minecraft Game Designer: DungeonsMinneapolis Rec - Pershing CenterJul 16Jul 1910:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockForest Lake Area High SchoolJul 16Jul 1810:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 16Jul 192:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register RC RoboticsForest Lake Area High SchoolJul 16Jul 182:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Wedo Robotic EngineeringOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 16Jul 192:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockLily Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 192:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersLake Nokomis Com Center (Minneapolis)Jul 16Jul 192:30pm4:30pmK-3rd
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie MakingWillow River ElementaryJul 17Jul 1910:00am11:30am1st-4th
Register RC RoboticsFarmington Community Education CenterJul 23Jul 2510:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register EV3 RoboticsBrookview ElementaryJul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsCedar Island Elementary (Maple Grove)Jul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsVictoria ElementaryJul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Multi-Player Game CodingPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockEisenhower Community Center (Hopkins)Jul 23Jul 2610:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsArmatage Parks (Mpls)Jul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic BuildersEisenhower Community Center (Hopkins)Jul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic BuildersBrookview ElementaryJul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecraft EngineeringJonathan ElementaryJul 23Jul 252:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Junior Engineering: Theme ParksOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Junior Engineering: Theme ParksPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockFarmington Community Education CenterJul 23Jul 252:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Advanced Minecraft: Command BlockDeephaven ElementaryJul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pm2nd-5th
Register Minecraft Movie MakingEisenhower Community Center (Hopkins)Jul 30Aug 210:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Extreme EV3 BattlebotsEisenhower Community Center (Hopkins)Jul 30Aug 210:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Digital Film Production: Special EffectsOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 30Aug 210:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Unity Game EngineStillwater HighJul 30Aug 22:00pm4:00pm6th-8th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersOak Point Elementary (Eden Prairie)Jul 30Aug 22:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Java Minecraft Modding: Custom ArmorCedar Island Elementary (Maple Grove)Jul 30Aug 22:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsLake Nokomis Com Center (Minneapolis)Jul 30Aug 22:30pm4:30pmk-3rd