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2018 Summer Day Camp Schedule

This is last summer's schedule. Summer 2019 will start to go up in November 2018!

Registration opens from January to April 2019. We will update links when registration goes live.

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June Courses:

Registration Class Name District Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Minecraft Game Designer104Tech AcademyJun 2Jun 39:00am12:00pm8-13yrs
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp102Milaca HighJun 8Jun 89:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Register Girls & Engineering124Bloomington Community Ed CampusJun 9Jun 99:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders104Tech AcademyJun 9Jun 910:00am12:00pm8-13yrs
Coming Soon Junior Engineering: Levers & Pulleys104Tech AcademyJun 9Jun 92:00pm4:00pm9yrs
Coming Soon Junior Engineering: Levers & Pulleys104Tech AcademyJun 10Jun 101:30pm3:30pm9yrs
Register Python Coding104Tech AcademyJun 11Jun 149:00am12:00pm6-10yrs
Register Remote Control Robotics29Tilden Community CenterJun 11Jun 139:00am12:00pm3rd-6th,
Register 3D First Person Game World Design88University Rec CenterJun 11Jun 159:30am12:00pm7-9yrs
Register Minecraft: Creative104Tech AcademyJun 11Jun 129:30am12:00pm6-10yrs
Register Star Wars Robotics and Animation58Northrop CE CenterJun 11Jun 149:30am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Star Wars Video Game Design58Northrop CE CenterJun 11Jun 149:30am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine Development69Program CenterJun 11Jun 129:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Adv. Engineering: Motorized Machines58Northrop CE CenterJun 11Jun 1412:30pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register Remote Control Robotics58Northrop CE CenterJun 11Jun 1412:30pm3:00pm3rd-8th
Register 3D First Person Game World Design88University Rec CenterJun 11Jun 151:00pm3:30pm10-12yrs
Register Digital Film Making and Production42Turtle Lake ElementaryJun 11Jun 141:00pm3:30pm3rd-7th
Register Intro to Coding & Robotics48Orono Education LinkJun 11Jun 141:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft: Creative108Annandale ElementaryJun 11Jun 131:00pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Droid Builder/Star Wars Movie Making60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 11Jun 141:00pm3:30pm3rd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp104Tech AcademyJun 11Jun 141:00pm4:00pm9-14yrs
Register Star Wars Jedi Movie Making27Hayes ElementaryJun 12Jun 158:30am9:30amK-1st
Register Minecraft: Creative115Foley IntermediateJun 12Jun 149:00am11:00am1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & Adventure27Hayes ElementaryJun 12Jun 159:40am10:40am9-14yr
Register Robotic Builders27Hayes ElementaryJun 12Jun 1510:50am11:50am7-10y
Register Python Coding93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 13Jun 159:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft Digital Animation78Duluth & Case RecJun 13Jun 141:00pm4:00pm8-13yrs
Register Robotics: RC Spybots93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 13Jun 151:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Remote Control Robotics104Tech AcademyJun 15Jun 159:00am12:00pm8-13yrs
Register Robotic Builders46Bridgewater ElementaryJun 15Jun 159:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Register 78Scheffer Rec CenterJun 15Jul 61:00pm3:00pm8-14yrs
Register 8Eagle Ridge Junior HighJun 18Jun 229:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register 104Tech AcademyJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm12-15yrs
Register Introl to Coding with Super Heroes130Justice Page MiddleJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 18Jun 229:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Python Coding36Wildwood ElementaryJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register Remote Control Robotics69East Ridge HSJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Remote Control Robotics57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 18Jun 229:00am10:30am6th-9th
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-Quest149Heritage Christian AcademyJun 18Jun 219:00am11:30am9-14yrs
Register Star Wars Robotics and Animation128HaleJun 18Jun 219:00am10:30am1st-4th
Register Star Wars Video Game Design111Kasson-Mantorville ElemJun 18Jun 209:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp18Victoria ElementaryJun 18Jun 209:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp2Becker IntermediateJun 18Jun 209:00am11:30am6th-8th
Register Ultimate Game Coding42Edgewood MiddleJun 18Jun 219:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Multiplayer Minecraft: Map Builder60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 18Jun 219:30am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-Coders69East Ridge HSJun 18Jun 199:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Robotics: RC Spybots58Northrop CE CenterJun 18Jun 219:30am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Video Game Design104Tech AcademyJun 18Jun 199:30am12:00pm5-8yrs
Coming Soon Ultimate Game Coding141TBDJun 18Jun 299:30am11:45am5th-7th
Register Adv. Engineering: Motorized Machines69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 18Jun 2110:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Adv. Engineering: Motorized Machines128HaleJun 18Jun 2110:30am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 18Jun 2210:45am12:15pm3rd-5th
Coming Soon Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 18Jun 2210:45am12:15pm3rd-5th
Register 57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 18Jun 2211:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Register Robotics: RC Spybots149Heritage Christian AcademyJun 18Jun 2112:00pm3:00pm10-14yrs
Register Avengers Super Hero Film School52Center Ice CenterJun 18Jun 211:00pm4:00pm6-9yr
Register Junior Engineering & Building42Edgewood MiddleJun 18Jun 211:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 18Jun 211:00pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Remote Control Robotics93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 18Jun 211:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & Adventure94Moreland ElementaryJun 18Jun 211:00pm3:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid Builder8Eagle Ridge Junior HighJun 18Jun 221:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Ultimate Game Coding71City Park Shelter RentalsJun 18Jun 211:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Coming Soon Ultimate Game Coding141TBDJun 18Jun 291:45pm4:00pm5th-7th
Register 69East Ridge HSJun 18Jun 212:00pm4:00pm6th-9th
Register Robotic Builders: Adventures5Blaine City Hall Cloverleaf RmJun 19Jun 209:00am2:00pm1st-4th
Register Minecraft: Creative107South Junior HighJun 19Jun 219:30am11:30am1st-5th
Register Python Coding107South Junior HighJun 19Jun 2112:30pm2:30pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Wheels &Axles104Tech AcademyJun 20Jun 219:30am12:00pm7-12yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes112Stewartville HighJun 22Jun 229:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes103JeffersonJun 22Jun 229:00am2:00pm1st-3rd
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp150North ElementaryJun 22Jun 229:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Intro to Coding - Preschool104Tech AcademyJun 22Jun 2210:00am12:00pm5-10yrs
Register Star Wars Robotics and Animation78Arlington Hills Community CenterJun 22Jun 221:00pm3:00pm5-9yrs
Register 42Chippewa MiddleJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Coming Soon Aerospace Engineering: Kites59Rockford Community CenterJun 25Jun 289:00am11:30amK-3
Register Girls & Engineering130Justice Page MiddleJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Girls & Engineering130Justice Page MiddleJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley49Cedar Island ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register Photoshop Editing18Victoria ElementaryJun 25Jun 279:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Photoshop Editing57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 25Jun 299:00am10:30am6th-9th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & Levers128HaleJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & Levers91Bayview ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & Levers66Jackson ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotics: RC Spybots8Eagle Ridge Junior HighJun 25Jun 299:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Star Wars Robotic Builders104Tech AcademyJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm11-15yrs
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp19Oak Point ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game Coding93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & Adventure69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 25Jun 289:30am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Star Wars Robotics and Animation42Turtle Lake ElementaryJun 25Jun 289:30am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp58Northrop CE CenterJun 25Jun 289:30am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Unity Game Engine69East Ridge HSJun 25Jun 269:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley137Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkJun 25Jun 2810:00am1:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game Coding69East Ridge HSJun 25Jun 2810:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Photoshop Editing57Sandburg Learning CenterJun 25Jun 2911:45am12:15pm3rd-5th
Register Minecraft Digital Animation58Northrop CE CenterJun 25Jun 2812:30pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid Builder124Olson MiddleJun 25Jun 2912:30pm3:30pm4th-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp128HaleJun 25Jun 2812:30pm3:30pm3rd-8th
Register 3D Game Programming88University Rec CenterJun 25Jun 291:00pm3:30pm9-11yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: Kites104Tech AcademyJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm5-9yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes49Cedar Island ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes42Turtle Lake ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm3:30pm1st-3rd
Register Avengers Super Hero Film School36O.H. Anderson ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Avengers Super Hero Film School98Willow Lane ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Civil & Earthquake Engineering19Oak Point ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Digital Film Making and Production69East Ridge HSJun 25Jun 281:00pm3:00pm3rd-7th
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and Levers7Discovery CenterJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and Levers108Annandale ElementaryJun 25Jun 271:00pm3:00pm4th-8th
Register Junior Engineering & Building8Eagle Ridge Junior HighJun 25Jun 291:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Remote Control Robotics78PalaceJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Builders98Central MiddleJun 25Jun 271:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Builders110Sauk MiddleJun 25Jun 271:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & Adventure93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 25Jun 281:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotics: Amusement Parks97Monticello HighJun 25Jun 271:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Aerospace Engineering: Parachutes69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 25Jun 282:00pm3:30pmK-3rd
Register Remote Control Robotics137Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkJun 25Jun 282:00pm5:00pm2nd-6th
Coming Soon 3D Virtual Game World Design89Dakota County Technical CollegeJun 26Jun 299:00am10:30am9th-12th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp5Blaine City Hall Cloverleaf RmJun 26Jun 279:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and Levers63Holdingford HighJun 29Jun 299:00am2:00pm3-8

July Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 2Jul 39:00am3:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 2Jul 39:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsTech AcademyJul 2Jul 210:00am12:00pm8-13yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyTech AcademyJul 5Jul 69:00am3:00pm7-13yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Wheels &AxlesPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 5Jul 69:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Coming Soon Multiplayer Minecraft: Map BuilderMITYJul 9Jul 208:30am4:00pm8th-12th
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesLily Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Coming Soon Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesLily Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolHaleJul 9Jul 129:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingJustice Page MiddleJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationTurtle Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationCottage Grove MiddleJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderEast Ridge HSJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Droid Builder/Star Wars Movie MakingOak Point ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpBayview ElementaryJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingOrono IntermediateJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingOrono IntermediateJul 9Jul 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingRiver Falls HighJul 9Jul 119:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Ultimate Game CodingGideon Pond ElementaryJul 9Jul 139:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Crazy Action ContraptionCottage Grove MiddleJul 9Jul 109:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Introl to Coding with Super HeroesTech AcademyJul 9Jul 109:30am12:00pm5-10yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Wheels &AxlesNorthrop CE CenterJul 9Jul 129:30am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersBlack Hawk MiddleJul 9Jul 129:30am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Python CodingSauk MiddleJul 9Jul 1110:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsHaleJul 9Jul 1210:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Plymouth Creek ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesRiver Falls HighJul 9Jul 111:00pm4:00pmK-4
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolOak View MiddleJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register EV3 Robotics EngineeringGideon Pond ElementaryJul 9Jul 131:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Intro to Java CodingEast Ridge HSJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm6th-9th
Register Intro to Java CodingTech AcademyJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm11-15yrs
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingLily Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationEl Rio Vista Recreation CenterJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm7-13yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyLincoln Center ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Remote Control RoboticsOak Point ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestDeephaven ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderIsland Lake ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Robotics and AnimationSauk MiddleJul 9Jul 111:00pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignGideon Pond ElementaryJul 9Jul 131:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Ultimate Game CodingCedar Island ElementaryJul 9Jul 121:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesNorthrop CE CenterJul 9Jul 121:30pm3:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationBlaine City Hall Cloverleaf RmJul 10Jul 119:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureRush Creek ElementaryJul 10Jul 131:00pm4:00pm2nd-5th
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsFarmington Community Education CenterJul 10Jul 121:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Python CodingEagle View ElementaryJul 11Jul 121:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpRoosevelt CommunityJul 13Jul 139:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Scheffer Rec CenterJul 13Aug 11:00pm3:00pm
Register Remote Control RoboticsArlington Hills Community CenterJul 13Jul 131:00pm3:00pm8-12yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesMonticello HighJul 16Jul 189:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 16Jul 209:00am10:30am1st-3rd
Register Photoshop EditingGideon Pond ElementaryJul 16Jul 209:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Python CodingGideon Pond ElementaryJul 16Jul 209:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Remote Control RoboticsRichfield Central Ed CenterJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm3rd-7th,
Register Remote Control RoboticsBayview ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic BuildersLily Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestTech AcademyJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm9-13yrs
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsOak Point ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsCentury MiddleJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignMinneapolis Rec - Pershing CenterJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpEast Ridge HSJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpTurtle Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Ultimate Game CodingSandburg Learning CenterJul 16Jul 209:00am10:30am2nd-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingForest Lake Area HighJul 16Jul 189:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingOlson MiddleJul 16Jul 209:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingHaleJul 16Jul 199:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register 3D Game ProgrammingUniversity Rec CenterJul 16Jul 209:30am12:00pm9-11yrs
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignTurtle Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 199:30am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignCottage Grove MiddleJul 16Jul 199:30am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Video Game CodingTech AcademyJul 16Jul 179:30am12:00pm10-14yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyNorthwest Como RecJul 16Jul 2010:00am12:00pm6-11yrs
Register Ultimate Game CodingNorthrop CE CenterJul 16Jul 1910:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and LeversSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 16Jul 2010:30am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingSandburg Learning CenterJul 16Jul 2010:45am12:15pm2nd-5th
Register Remote Control RoboticsHeritage Christian AcademyJul 16Jul 1912:00pm3:00pm8-14yrs
Register Java Game CodingOlson MiddleJul 16Jul 2012:30pm3:30pmK-3rd
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingNorthrop CE CenterJul 16Jul 1912:30pm3:00pm3rd-8th
Register Rice Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 181:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register 3D Game ProgrammingUniversity Rec CenterJul 16Jul 201:00pm3:30pm6-8
Register 3D Video Game DesignPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 16Jul 191:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolForest Lake Area HighJul 16Jul 181:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Java Game CodingCottage Grove MiddleJul 16Jul 191:00pm3:00pmK-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleySaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 16Jul 201:00pm2:30pm1st-5th
Register Robotic BuildersMonticello MiddleJul 16Jul 181:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: AdventuresTech AcademyJul 16Jul 191:00pm4:00pm5-9yrs
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversOak Point ElementaryJul 16Jul 191:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpNorthwest Como RecJul 16Jul 201:00pm3:00pm10-16yr
Register Ultimate Game CodingLily Lake ElementaryJul 16Jul 191:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationLake Nokomis Com CenterJul 16Jul 191:30pm4:30pmK-3rd
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsGideon Pond ElementaryJul 16Jul 204:00pm5:30pm1st-6th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesSt. Michaels ElementaryJul 17Jul 199:00am12:00pmk-4th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsWillow River ElementaryJul 17Jul 199:00am11:30am1st-4th
Coming Soon Elementary Engineering: Gears and LeversDakota County Technical CollegeJul 17Jul 209:00am10:30am3rd-8th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignSouth Junior HighJul 17Jul 199:30am11:30am1st-3rd
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsSouth Junior HighJul 17Jul 1912:30pm2:30pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSt Micheal-Albertville Middle EastJul 17Jul 191:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyCentral BuildingJul 20Jul 209:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyJeffersonJul 20Jul 209:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoStewartville HighJul 20Jul 209:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Coming Soon Robotic Engineering: PicoLe Suer-Henderson HighJul 20Jul 209:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Register Hidden Oaks MiddleJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm11-14yr
Register Northrop CE CenterJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm5th-9th
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolFarmington Community Education CenterJul 23Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingBrookview ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Minecraft Animation & Movie MakingGideon Pond ElementaryJul 23Jul 279:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecraft: CreativeExpo for Excellence MagnetJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Python CodingJustice Page MiddleJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Remote Control RoboticsCedar Island ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Remote Control RoboticsVictoria ElementaryJul 23Jul 259:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Remote Control RoboticsJackson ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksSandburg Learning CenterJul 23Jul 279:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersCottage Grove MiddleJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm6th-9th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersEdgewood MiddleJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignWildwood ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignSauk MiddleJul 23Jul 259:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSandburg Learning CenterJul 23Jul 279:00am10:30am2nd-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpPlymouth Creek Activity CenterJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm8-12yr
Register Ultimate Game CodingOak Point ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingDelano ElementaryJul 23Jul 259:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Ultimate Game CodingEisenhower Community CenterJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingBayview ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Falcon Ridge MiddleJul 23Jul 269:30am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Introl to Coding with Super HeroesIsland Lake ElementaryJul 23Jul 269:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyNorthrop CE CenterJul 23Jul 269:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Private Event/ClassCottage Grove MiddleJul 23Jul 249:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Star Wars Robotics and AnimationHaecker HallJul 23Jul 279:30am12:00pm7-9yrs
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksSandburg Learning CenterJul 23Jul 2710:45am12:15pm3rd-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSandburg Learning CenterJul 23Jul 2710:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Coming Soon Minecraft: CreativeExpo for Excellence MagnetJul 23Jul 2612:30pm3:30pm1st-5th
Register Python CodingNorthrop CE CenterJul 23Jul 2612:30pm3:00pm1st-4th
Register Remote Control RoboticsHaleJul 23Jul 2612:30pm3:30pm3rd-7th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesArmatage ParksJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesEisenhower Community CenterJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesBrookview ElementaryJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Java Game CodingOak Point ElementaryJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Photoshop EditingHidden Oaks MiddleJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm9-11yr
Register Photoshop EditingHaecker HallJul 23Jul 271:00pm3:30pm10-12yrs
Register Python CodingIsland Lake ElementaryJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Remote Control RoboticsO.H. Anderson ElementaryJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm2nd-5th
Register Remote Control RoboticsOak View MiddleJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureBasswoodJul 23Jul 271:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoGideon Pond ElementaryJul 23Jul 271:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingFarmington Community Education CenterJul 23Jul 251:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Ultimate Game CodingDeephaven ElementaryJul 23Jul 261:00pm4:00pm2nd-5th
Register FUNGINEERINGTech AcademyJul 23Jul 241:30pm4:00pm6-10yrs
Register Java Game CodingPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Python CodingEast Ridge HSJul 23Jul 262:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyGideon Pond ElementaryJul 23Jul 264:00pm5:30pm2nd-6th
Register Robotic BuildersCentral BuildingJul 27Jul 279:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic BuildersNorth ElementaryJul 27Jul 279:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpBridgewater ElementaryJul 27Jul 279:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyBecker IntermediateJul 30Aug 19:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register NXT Robotic EngineeringHeritage Christian AcademyJul 30Aug 29:00am11:30am10-13yrs
Register Remote Control RoboticsEisenhower Community CenterJul 30Aug 29:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureNew Life AcademyJul 30Aug 29:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestIsland Lake ElementaryJul 30Aug 29:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderOak Point ElementaryJul 30Aug 29:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Droid Builder/Star Wars Movie MakingOlson MiddleJul 30Aug 39:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Ultimate Game CodingTech AcademyJul 30Aug 29:00am12:00pm8-13yrs
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksIsland Lake ElementaryJul 30Aug 29:30am12:00pm1st-4th
Register VEX Robotics: Engineering and CodingEast Ridge HSJul 30Jul 319:30am11:00am4-6yr
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersNorthrop CE CenterJul 30Aug 210:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyHeritage Christian AcademyJul 30Aug 212:00pm3:00pm6-11yrs
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionOlson MiddleJul 30Aug 312:30pm3:30pm4th-8th
Register Stillwater HighJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm6th-8th
Register 3D First Person Game World DesignUniversity Rec CenterJul 30Aug 31:00pm3:30pm12-14yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesBecker IntermediateJul 30Aug 11:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsArmatage ParksJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Coding - PreschoolTurtle Lake ElementaryJul 30Aug 21:00pm3:30pm3rd-6th
Register Introl to Coding with Super HeroesEisenhower Community CenterJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Animation & Movie MakingFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 30Aug 21:00pm3:30pm3rd-6th
Register Remote Control RoboticsTech AcademyJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm8-13yrs
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoTilden Community CenterJul 30Aug 11:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksEast Ridge HSJul 30Aug 21:00pm3:30pmK-4th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignOak Point ElementaryJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpCedar Island ElementaryJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpNew Life AcademyJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm4-8
Register Ultimate Game CodingEastview ElementaryJul 30Aug 21:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesLake Nokomis Com CenterJul 30Aug 21:30pm4:30pmk-3rd
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestCottage Grove MiddleJul 30Aug 22:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSouth Junior HighJul 31Aug 212:30pm2:30pm3rd-6th

August Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Minecraft: CreativeCrystal Community CenterAug 1Aug 29:00am12:00pm6-9yrs
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestCrystal Community CenterAug 1Aug 21:00pm4:00pm9-13yrs
Register Remote Control RoboticsPrescott HighAug 3Aug 39:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: AdventuresArlington Hills Community CenterAug 3Aug 31:00pm3:00pm6-13yrs
Register Intro to Coding with Super HeroesSandburg Learning CenterAug 6Aug 109:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Introl to Coding with Super HeroesOak Point ElementaryAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationTech AcademyAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pm6-10yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyRichfield Central Ed CenterAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Multiplayer Minecraft: Map BuilderNorthrop CE CenterAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pm6th-9th
Register Remote Control RoboticsBel Air ElementaryAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversOrono IntermediateAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversEast Ridge HSAug 6Aug 99:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsSandburg Learning CenterAug 6Aug 109:00am10:30am6th-9th
Register 3D Video Game DesignFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 6Aug 99:30am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Adv. Engineering: Motorized MachinesSartell District Service CenterAug 6Aug 89:30am12:00pmK-3rd
Register FUNGINEERINGTech AcademyAug 6Aug 79:30am12:00pm10-14yrs
Register Star Wars Droid Builder/Star Wars Movie MakingNorthrop CE CenterAug 6Aug 99:30am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecrafting BasicsCentral ElementaryAug 6Aug 810:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Intro to Coding with Super HeroesSandburg Learning CenterAug 6Aug 1010:45am12:15pm2nd-5th
Register Minecrafting BasicsSandburg Learning CenterAug 6Aug 1010:45am12:15pmK-2nd
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsNorthrop CE CenterAug 6Aug 912:30pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register Photoshop EditingOlson MiddleAug 6Aug 1012:30pm3:30pm4th-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSartell District Service CenterAug 6Aug 812:30pm3:00pm3rd-8th
Register Ultimate Game CodingCentral ElementaryAug 6Aug 812:30pm3:30pm3rd-8th
Register Oak Point ElementaryAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Orono IntermediateAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register 3D Game ProgrammingUniversity Rec CenterAug 6Aug 101:00pm3:30pm6-8yrs
Register Digital Magician: Photo EditingTurtle Lake ElementaryAug 6Aug 91:00pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register Multiplayer Minecraft: Map BuilderTech AcademyAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm11-15yrs
Register NXT Robotic EngineeringExcelsior ElementaryAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Remote Control RoboticsHidden Oaks MiddleAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm10-14yr
Register Robotic Builders: Robo-QuestChamplin ICE ForumAug 6Aug 81:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignEast Ridge HSAug 6Aug 91:00pm3:30pm2nd-6th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignBel Air ElementaryAug 6Aug 91:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Java Game CodingGlen Lake Activity CenterAug 7Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Coming Soon Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleySalem Hills ElementaryAug 7Aug 91:00pm3:45pm1st-5th
Register Robotic BuildersGlen Lake Activity CenterAug 7Aug 81:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesNorth ElementaryAug 10Aug 109:00am2:00pm2-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyPrescott HighAug 10Aug 109:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesHayes ElementaryAug 13Aug 168:30am9:30am9-14yr
Register 3D Video Game DesignTech AcademyAug 13Aug 169:00am12:00pm9-14yrs
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesEducation CenterAug 13Aug 159:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and LeversSkyview Elementary/MiddleAug 13Aug 159:00am12:00pm4th-8th,
Register Lego RoboticsSandburg Learning CenterAug 13Aug 179:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyLinden Hills ParkAug 13Aug 169:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Photoshop EditingOak Point ElementaryAug 13Aug 169:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoSandburg Learning CenterAug 13Aug 179:00am10:30am3rd-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversWildwood ElementaryAug 13Aug 169:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: RC SpybotsEast Ridge HSAug 13Aug 169:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Robotic BuildersOlson MiddleAug 13Aug 179:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Star Wars Robotics and AnimationFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 13Aug 169:30am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesHayes ElementaryAug 13Aug 179:40am10:40pm7-10y
Register Star Wars Robotics and AnimationLangford Rec CenterAug 13Aug 1710:00am12:00pm5-10yr
Register Remote Control RoboticsSandburg Learning CenterAug 13Aug 1710:45am12:15pm2nd-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoSandburg Learning CenterAug 13Aug 1710:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesHayes ElementaryAug 13Aug 1710:50am11:50am5-8yrs
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionOak Point ElementaryAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Digital Magician: Photo EditingBayview ElementaryAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Intro to Coding with Super HeroesCottage Grove MiddleAug 13Aug 161:00pm3:00pmK-3rd
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingEast Ridge HSAug 13Aug 161:00pm3:30pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyHilltop PrimaryAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyArmatage ParksAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register NXT Robotic EngineeringTech AcademyAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm10-14yrs
Register Photoshop EditingFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 13Aug 161:00pm3:30pm4th-8th
Register Python CodingCity Park Shelter RentalsAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureLinden Hills ParkAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotics: Amusement ParksDiscovery CenterAug 13Aug 161:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Coding with Super HeroesLake Nokomis Com CenterAug 13Aug 161:30pm4:30pm1st-5th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsLinden Hills ParkAug 20Aug 239:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register Junior Engineering & BuildingTech AcademyAug 20Aug 239:00am12:00pm8-14yrs
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignTech AcademyAug 20Aug 219:30am12:00pm6-12yrs
Register 3D Game ProgrammingUniversity Rec CenterAug 20Aug 241:00pm3:30pm8-10yrs
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolLinden Hills ParkAug 20Aug 231:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyRiver Crest ElemAug 21Aug 239:00am11:30am2nd-6th

About Our Camps

Our Technology and Science camps are hosted by local area Community Ed or Parks and Recreation Departments. You will need to register directly with them for our classes. Cost and actual grade offered at the location will vary and are set by the locations.

We offer 30 different camps in Lego Engineering, Knex Engineering, Video Game Design, Coding, Minecraft, Programming, Digital Films Making, and Lego Robotic classes throughout Minnesota. If a link for a city is not active yet, that means the class is not available for registration yet. Please check back if your city is not active yet.

Game Design & CodingGrades
3D Printing & Modeling3rd-6th or 5th-12th
Game Coding: Platformer3rd-6th
Game Coding: Tower Defense5th-9th
Hacking Java Games3rd-6th or 5th-9th
Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersK-3rd
Intro to Coding with Super HeroesK-3rd
Intro to Coding: Platform GamesK-3rd
Intro to Game CodingK-3rd
Intro to Java Coding4th-6th
Java Game Coding5th-9th
Java Minecraft Mod Development5th-10th
Java Minecraft Modding: Custom Armor4th-8th
Java Minecraft Modding: Super-tool4th-8th
Multi-Player Game Coding4th-8th
Python Coding4th-6th or 6th-9th
Unity Game Engine4th-8th or 6th-9th
Video Game Coding3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Video Game Coding: Super Mario3rd-6th or 5th-8th
Video Game Design3rd-8th
Advanced Minecraft Mods: Industrial Revolution4th-8th
Advanced Minecraft: Command Block2nd-6th
Hacking Minecraft: Mods, Skins, and Textures3rd-8th
Minecraft Game Designer1st-5th
Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons3rd-6th
Minecraft Multiplayer: City Builder2nd-6th
Minecraft: Creative1st-3rd or 2nd-5th
3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural DesignK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Adv Engineering: Animatronics and Pneumatics4th-8th
Adv Engineering: Roller Coaster Physics3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Adv Engineering: Solar, Hydro & Wind Powered3rd-8th
Engineering and Motors3rd-6th
Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsK-6th
Engineering: Crazy Gears and Wheels1st-6th
Engineering: Extreme Machines and Ziplines1st-6th
Junior Engineering & BuildingK-3rd
Junior Engineering: Theme ParksK-3rd
Minecraft Engineering1st-6th
EV3 Robotic Engineering3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Extreme Battlebots3rd-8th
Extreme EV3 Battlebots3rd-6th or 4th-8th
RC Robotics1st-6th
Robotic BuildersK-4th
Robotic Builders: Battlebots1st-6th
Robotics & Engineering
Robotics: Jedi and Imperial Droids1st-6th
Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderK-6th
Star Wars Robotic BuildersK-5th
Wedo Robotic Engineering1st-5th
Digital Film Making/Stop-MotionGrades
Clay AnimationK-9th
Digital Film Making and Production1st-9th
Digital Film Production: Special Effects4th-8th
Minecraft Movie MakingK-8th
Movie MakerK-9th
Photoshop Editing
Pokemon Movie MakingK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Star Wars Jedi Movie Making1st-8th
Intro To Robotic BuildingPK-1st
Intro to Coding & Robotics1st-3rd
Intro to Coding - PreschoolPK-1st
Intro to EngineeringPK-1st
Intro to Gears and Wheels4-6yr
Intro to Structural EngineeringPK-1st

Camp Locations

Find your district below for information on registering.