2018 Summer Day Camp Schedule

This is last summer's schedule. Summer 2019 will start to go up in November 2018!

Registration opens from January to April 2019. We will update links when registration goes live.

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June Courses:

Registration Class Name District Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears150Saint Peter Middle SchoolJun 7Jun 79:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp113Cedar Creek CommunityJun 7Jun 79:00am2:00pmK-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering47Central ElementaryJun 10Jun 129:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering52Plymouth Creek Activity CenterJun 10Jun 139:00am12:00pm5-8
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley35Oak Hills ElementaryJun 10Jun 139:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pico48Orono MiddleJun 10Jun 139:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotics: Minecraft Mobotics58Northrop CE CenterJun 10Jun 139:00am12:00pm2nd-7th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics30Eisenhower Community CenterJun 10Jun 139:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges2Becker IntermediateJun 10Jun 129:00am11:30am3rd-8th
Register Ultimate Game Coding37Maple Grove Community Center - Teen CenterJun 10Jun 129:00am12:00pm10-15yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering28GSL HighJun 10Jun 129:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering58Northrop CE CenterJun 10Jun 1310:30am12:00pm1st-4th
Register 3D Modeling & Character Animation88University Rec CenterJun 10Jun 151:00pm3:30pm1st-3rd
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch Program48Orono MiddleJun 10Jun 131:00pm4:00pmK-2nd
Register HEXBUG and VEX Robotics97Eastview Education CenterJun 10Jun 121:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering30Eisenhower Community CenterJun 10Jun 131:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll Robots37Maple Grove Community Center - Teen CenterJun 10Jun 121:00pm4:00pm10-15yrs
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears96Hilltop PrimaryJun 10Jun 131:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears47Central ElementaryJun 10Jun 121:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotics: Minecraft Mobotics78Northwest Como RecJun 10Jun 141:00pm3:00pm9-14yrs
Register To be scheduled52Plymouth Creek Activity CenterJun 10Jun 131:00pm4:00pm7-11 yrs.
Register Minecraft Modding58Northrop CE CenterJun 10Jun 131:30pm3:00pm1st-4th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll Robots58Northrop CE CenterJun 10Jun 131:30pm3:00pm4th-8th
Register To be scheduled93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 12Jun 149:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Intro to Java Coding93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 12Jun 1410:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register HEXBUG and VEX Robotics78Duluth & Case RecJun 12Jun 131:00pm4:00pm8-12yrs
Register Minecraft Modding93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 12Jun 141:00pm4:00pmk-2nd
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears46Sibley ElementaryJun 14Jun 149:00am2:00pm3rd-6th
Register Extreme Robotics141MITYJun 17Jun 289:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register Minecraft Modding42Chippewa MiddleJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register Minecrafting Basics24Riverview ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am11:30am1st-5th
Register Minecrafting Basics69East Ridge HSJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecrafting Basics18Chanhassen ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering35Oak Hills ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering94Mendota ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley58Northrop CE CenterJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics57Robbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJun 17Jun 219:00am10:30am3rd-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics49Oak View ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm4th-6th
Register To be scheduled60Black Hawk MiddleJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register To be scheduled48Orono MiddleJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register To be scheduled91Bayview ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine Development36O.H. Anderson ElementaryJun 17Jun 209:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pico3Belle Plaine Junior-Senior HighJun 17Jun 199:30am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch Program93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 17Jun 2010:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register EV3 Robotic Contraptions93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 17Jun 2010:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics57Robbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJun 17Jun 2110:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp124Olson MiddleJun 17Jun 2112:30pm3:30pm1st-5th
Register 3D Virtual Game World Design42Chippewa MiddleJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm4th-6th
Register Aerospace Engineering: Kites42Chippewa MiddleJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Civil & Earthquake Engineering18Chanhassen ElementaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Civil & Earthquake Engineering69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 17Jun 201:00pm3:30pmK-3rd
Register Crazy Robotic Contraptions91Bayview ElementaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Extreme Robotics141MITYJun 17Jun 281:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Intro to Java Coding49Fernbrook ElementaryJun 17Jun 191:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Junior Engineering: Gears60Black Hawk MiddleJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecraft Digital Animation49BasswoodJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Modding19Oak Point ElementaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft Modding19Oak Point ElementaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering96Hilltop PrimaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics3Belle Plaine Junior-Senior HighJun 17Jun 191:00pm3:30pm4th-7th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics69East Ridge HSJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register To be scheduled40Scenic Heights ElementaryJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game Coding104Tech AcademyJun 17Jun 201:00pm4:00pm5th-9th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-bots58Northrop CE CenterJun 17Jun 201:30pm3:00pm1st-4th
Register To be scheduled58Northrop CE CenterJun 17Jun 201:30pm3:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft Modding121Spring Lake Park City HallJun 18Jun 199:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecraft Modding107Quarryview EducationJun 18Jun 209:30am11:30am1st-3rd
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges107Quarryview EducationJun 18Jun 2012:30pm2:30pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears112Stewartville HighJun 21Jun 219:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears129Roosevelt CommunityJun 21Jun 219:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Scratch 3.0 Game Coding154Hobbs Ice ArenaJun 21Jun 219:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp63Holdingford HighJun 21Jun 219:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp134HLWW HighJun 21Jun 219:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears27Fridley Middle SchoolJun 24Jun 288:30am9:30am4th-7th
Register 69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Digital Magician: Photo Editing60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register EV3 Robotic Contraptions42Chippewa MiddleJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Minecraft Modding18Victoria ElementaryJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecraft Modding91Bayview ElementaryJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering75St. Michaels ElementaryJun 24Jun 269:00am12:00pmk-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering25Forest Lake Area HighJun 24Jun 269:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley32Salem Hills ElementaryJun 24Jun 269:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley104Tech AcademyJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & Levers2Becker IntermediateJun 24Jun 279:00am11:30amK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears101Arden Hills Cty HallJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears58Northrop CE CenterJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics128HaleJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges36O.H. Anderson ElementaryJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Ultimate Game Coding24Levi Dodge MiddleJun 24Jun 279:00am12:00pm6th-9th
Register Minecraft Digital Animation62Sabes Jewish Community CenterJun 24Jun 289:25am12:10pm8-12yrs
Register Minecraft Digital Animation27Fridley Middle SchoolJun 24Jun 289:40am10:40amK-1st
Register Crazy Robotic Contraptions57Robbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJun 24Jun 2810:45am12:15pmK-2nd
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears27Fridley Middle SchoolJun 24Jun 2810:50am11:50am2nd-3rd
Register Junior Engineering: Gears58Northrop CE CenterJun 24Jun 2712:30pm3:00pm2nd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering128HaleJun 24Jun 2712:30pm3:30pmK-4th
Register To be scheduled124Olson MiddleJun 24Jun 2812:30pm3:30pm2nd-6th
Register 3D Virtual Game World Design69Cottage Grove MiddleJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Crazy Robotic Contraptions138Armatage ParksJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering42Chippewa MiddleJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering91Bayview ElementaryJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering7Northwinds ElementaryJun 24Jun 261:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-bots60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & Levers78PalaceJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm5-9yrs
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & Gears75St. Michaels ElementaryJun 24Jun 261:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Star Wars Wedo Robotics25Forest Lake Area HighJun 24Jun 261:00pm4:00pm4th-6th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges60Falcon Ridge MiddleJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges29Tilden Community CenterJun 24Jun 261:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register To be scheduled19Oak Point ElementaryJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register To be scheduled19Oak Point ElementaryJun 24Jun 271:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp108Annandale ElementaryJun 24Jun 251:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecraft Modding69East Ridge HSJun 24Jun 272:00pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Pico93Plymouth Creek ElementaryJun 24Jun 272:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Structural Engineering: Replica Bridges45Cowern ElementaryJun 25Jun 268:30am3:30pm3rd-7th
Coming Soon Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Pulley109Central BuildingJun 28Jun 289:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUp103Red Wing HighJun 28Jun 289:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Game Coding78Arlington Hills Community CenterJun 28Jun 281:00pm4:00pm6-12yrs

July Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsBlake: Wayzata CampusJul 1Jul 38:30am11:30amK-2nd
Register Game CodingHaleJul 1Jul 59:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register Multiplayer Minecraft: World BuilderTech AcademyJul 1Jul 29:00am3:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Robotic EngineeringEisenhower ElementaryJul 1Jul 310:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsHaleJul 1Jul 510:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Civil & Earthquake EngineeringBlake: Wayzata CampusJul 1Jul 312:30pm3:30pmK-3rd
Register Civil & Earthquake EngineeringEisenhower ElementaryJul 1Jul 31:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsChippewa MiddleJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Extreme RoboticsMITYJul 8Jul 129:00am4:00pm7th-12th
Register HEXBUG and VEX RoboticsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersEast Ridge HSJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm5th-9th
Register Minecrafting BasicsBayview ElementaryJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 8Jul 129:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringOak View ElementaryJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringOak View MiddleJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 8Jul 129:00am10:30am3rd-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoUniversity Rec CenterJul 8Jul 129:00am12:00pm7-10yrs
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm4th-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesOak Point ElementaryJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesGroveland ElementaryJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesNorthrop CE CenterJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesHaleJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register To be scheduledEast Ridge HSJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpWildwood ElementaryJul 8Jul 119:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Kids that CodeNorthrop CE CenterJul 8Jul 119:30am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversLangford Rec CenterJul 8Jul 1210:00am12:00pm5-10yrs
Register To be scheduledJonathan ElementaryJul 8Jul 1110:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 8Jul 1210:45am12:15pm3rd-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 8Jul 1210:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Register Minecrafting: Survival BasicsBlake: Minneapolis CampusJul 8Jul 1112:30pm3:30pm6th-9th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoNorthrop CE CenterJul 8Jul 1112:30pm3:00pm1st-3rd
Register 3D Movie MakingUniversity Rec CenterJul 8Jul 121:00pm3:30pm8-10
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch ProgramEast Ridge HSJul 8Jul 111:00pm3:00pmK-3rd
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch ProgramEl Rio Vista Recreation CenterJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm5-9yrs
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and LeversAnnandale ElementaryJul 8Jul 91:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersJonathan ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm5th-9th
Register Intro to Gears and WheelsChippewa MiddleJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Kids that CodeGroveland ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidUniversity Rec CenterJul 8Jul 121:00pm3:30pm12-14
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyEast Ridge HSJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyNorthwinds ElementaryJul 8Jul 101:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsOak Point ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsOak Point ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsChippewa MiddleJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm4th-6th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsOak View MiddleJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm5th-8th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsBayview ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsJordan MiddleJul 8Jul 121:00pm4:00pm5th-9th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesOak View ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register To be scheduledO.H. Anderson ElementaryJul 8Jul 111:00pm4:00pm1st-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentNorthrop CE CenterJul 8Jul 111:30pm3:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesFoley IntermediateJul 9Jul 118:30am11:30am3rd-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesBlaine City Hall Cloverleaf RmJul 9Jul 109:00am3:00pm3rd-6th
Register Star Wars Video Game DesignTech AcademyJul 10Jul 111:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsTwin Bluff Middle SchoolJul 12Jul 129:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Schedule Coming SoonHobbs Ice ArenaJul 12Jul 129:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register Scratch 3.0 Game CodingMontgomeryJul 12Jul 129:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpStewartville HighJul 12Jul 129:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSaint Peter Middle SchoolJul 12Jul 129:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Junior Engineering: GearsWilder Recreation CenterJul 12Jul 122:00pm5:00pm8-15yrs
Register Game CodingFridley Middle SchoolJul 15Jul 198:30am9:30am4th-7th
Register 3D Virtual Game World DesignPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Civil & Earthquake EngineeringRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 15Jul 199:00am10:30amK-3rd
Register EV3 Robotic ContraptionsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Intro to Gears and WheelsNorthrop CE CenterJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidNorthrop CE CenterJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 15Jul 199:00am10:30am1st-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringDelano HighJul 15Jul 179:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Adventure-botsEast Ridge HSJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsBrookview ElementaryJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesOak View MiddleJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesCottage Grove MiddleJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesBayview ElementaryJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesCarver Elementary SchoolJul 15Jul 189:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSalem Hills ElementaryJul 15Jul 179:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingMITYJul 15Jul 199:00am4:00pm7th-12th
Register Game CodingFridley Middle SchoolJul 15Jul 199:40am10:40amK-1st
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsHaleJul 15Jul 1810:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 15Jul 1910:40am12:10pm3rd-6th
Register Game CodingFridley Middle SchoolJul 15Jul 1910:50am11:50am2nd-3rd
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringHeritage Christian AcademyJul 15Jul 1812:00pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecrafting BasicsNorthrop CE CenterJul 15Jul 1812:30pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingBlake: Minneapolis CampusJul 15Jul 1812:30pm3:30pm6th-9th
Register 3D Movie MakingUniversity Rec CenterJul 15Jul 191:00pm3:30pm9-12
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionChippewa MiddleJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Game CodingRush Creek ElementaryJul 15Jul 171:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register HEXBUG and VEX RoboticsLinwood Rec CenterJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pm5-9yrs
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationSaint Ambrose of WoodburyJul 15Jul 191:00pm2:30pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Adventure-botsChippewa MiddleJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pmK-2nd
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsEast Ridge HSJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pmK-4th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesHilltop PrimaryJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesDelano HighJul 15Jul 171:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentOak View MiddleJul 15Jul 181:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register EV3 Robotic ContraptionsCottage Grove MiddleJul 15Jul 182:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 15Jul 182:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsFalcon Ridge ElementaryJul 15Jul 172:00pm3:30pm4th-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsQuarryview EducationJul 16Jul 189:30am11:30amK-3rd
Register Minecrafting BasicsQuarryview EducationJul 16Jul 1812:30pm2:30pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsNew Richmond Starr ElementaryJul 19Jul 199:00am3:00pm3rd-6th
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionOak View ElementaryJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Game CodingCottage Grove MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register HEXBUG and VEX RoboticsStonebridge ElementaryJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm5th-9th
Register Minecraft ModdingJefferson High SchoolJul 22Jul 269:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidCottage Grove MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoOak Point ElementaryJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-3rd
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsNorthrop CE CenterJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register To be scheduledExpo for Excellence MagnetJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpChippewa MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpHaleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpBayview ElementaryJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingHidden Oaks MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm10yr
Register Ultimate Game CodingOrono MiddleJul 22Jul 259:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentSt Micheal-Albertville Middle EastJul 22Jul 249:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Cool Knex: PulleysTech AcademyJul 22Jul 239:30am11:30pmPK-1st
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsNorthrop CE CenterJul 22Jul 259:30am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch ProgramNorthrop CE CenterJul 22Jul 2512:30pm3:00pmK-2nd
Register Java Minecraft Modding: New DimensionsNorthrop CE CenterJul 22Jul 2512:30pm3:00pm3rd-7th
Register 3D Modeling & Character AnimationUniversity Rec CenterJul 22Jul 261:00pm3:30pm9-11y
Register Junior Engineering: GearsCottage Grove MiddleJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Minecrafting BasicsOak View MiddleJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyStonebridge ElementaryJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyLincoln Center ElementaryJul 22Jul 241:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsTech AcademyJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsDelano HighJul 22Jul 241:00pm4:00pm1st-4th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsSt Micheal-Albertville Middle EastJul 22Jul 241:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesOrono MiddleJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesChippewa MiddleJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesArmatage ParksJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesRenaissance Charter AcademyJul 22Jul 241:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpOak View ElementaryJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingOak Point ElementaryJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 22Jul 251:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic BuildersHaleJul 22Jul 251:30pm3:30pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsCottage Grove MiddleJul 22Jul 252:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesSpring Lake Park City HallJul 23Jul 249:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsBlaine City Hall Cloverleaf RmJul 23Jul 249:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesSauk MiddleJul 23Jul 259:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Register Schedule Coming SoonSibley ElementaryJul 26Jul 269:00am2:00pm2nd-7th
Register Scratch 3.0 Game CodingStewartville HighJul 26Jul 269:00am2:00pm3rd-7th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesRockford Community CenterJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Game CodingDiscovery CenterJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersOak Point ElementaryJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Minecraft ModdingJustice Page MiddleJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Minecrafting BasicsRenaissance Charter AcademyJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecrafting: Survival BasicsMaple Grove Community Center - Teen CenterJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm10-15yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyFridley Community CenterJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm3rd-8th
Coming Soon Movie MakerStonebridge ElementaryJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic BuildersChippewa MiddleJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoHeritage Christian AcademyJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm1st-4th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 29Aug 29:00am10:30amK-2nd
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsBecker IntermediateJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesForest Lake Area HighJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register To be scheduledEisenhower Community CenterJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm2nd-6th
Register Ultimate Game CodingEast Ridge HSJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm6th-9th
Register Ultimate Game CodingFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm5th-9th
Register Ultimate Game CodingNorthrop CE CenterJul 29Aug 19:00am12:00pm5th-9th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentWillow River ElementaryJul 29Jul 319:00am12:00pm2nd-8th
Register Aerospace Engineering: ParachutesBelle Plaine Junior-Senior HighJul 29Jul 319:30am12:00pmK-4th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpCottage Grove MiddleJul 29Aug 110:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsEagle View ElementaryJul 29Jul 3110:30am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Ultimate Game CodingRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionJul 29Aug 210:45am12:15pm6th-9th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsHeritage Christian AcademyJul 29Aug 112:30pm3:00pm5th-8th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesWoodland ElementaryJul 29Aug 21:00pm4:00pm2nd-5th
Register EV3 Robotic ContraptionsEisenhower ElementaryJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringKenny Rec. CenterJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm1st-6th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyMaple Grove Community Center - Teen CenterJul 29Jul 311:00pm4:00pm10-15yrs
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyBelle Plaine Junior-Senior HighJul 29Jul 311:00pm3:30pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyRichfield Central Ed CenterJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleySt. Paul GymJul 29Aug 21:00pm3:30pm11-14
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsStonebridge ElementaryJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm4th-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsEast Ridge HSJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm5th-9th
Register Robotic Engineering: Pulleys & LeversStonebridge ElementaryJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsBig Lake MiddleJul 29Jul 311:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsCentral ElementaryJul 29Jul 311:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesRice Lake ElementaryJul 29Jul 311:00pm4:00pm4th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesWilshire Park Elementary SchoolJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register To be scheduledChippewa MiddleJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register To be scheduledChippewa MiddleJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpPlymouth Creek ElementaryJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentFalcon Ridge MiddleJul 29Aug 11:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentForest Lake Area HighJul 29Jul 311:00pm4:00pm3rd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpNorthrop CE CenterJul 29Aug 11:30pm3:00pm2nd-6th

August Courses:

Registration Class Name Location Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Grades
Register Elementary Engineering: Gears and LeversHobbs Ice ArenaAug 2Aug 29:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyTwin Bluff Middle SchoolAug 2Aug 29:00am2:00pm3rd-8th
Register Advance Video Game Creation: Super Scratch ProgramHeritage Christian AcademyAug 5Aug 89:00am11:30amK-2nd
Register Civil & Earthquake EngineeringOak View ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Game CodingChippewa MiddleAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Game CodingChippewa MiddleAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register HEXBUG and VEX RoboticsEast Ridge HSAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-2nd
Register Minecraft ModdingSartell Community Center Maker SpaceAug 5Aug 79:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecrafting BasicsOrono MiddleAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-4th
Register Minecrafting BasicsMendota ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pmK-4th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringMeadowview ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am11:30am1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringScenic Heights ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsRobbinsdale Spanish ImmersionAug 5Aug 99:00am10:30am1st-5th
Register Robotic Builders: Robotic EngineeringNorthrop CE CenterAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Robotic EngineeringCottage Grove MiddleAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Builders: Rock N Roll RobotsFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Robotic Engineering: PicoRice Lake ElementaryAug 5Aug 79:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsJohn F. Kennedy ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsDiscovery CenterAug 5Aug 79:00am12:00pm4th-8th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsOak Point ElementaryAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesPrairie View Elementary & MiddleAug 5Aug 79:00am12:00pm5th-8th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentEisenhower Community CenterAug 5Aug 89:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Avengers Super Hero Film SchoolNorthrop CE CenterAug 5Aug 812:30pm3:00pm1st-5th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsJefferson High SchoolAug 5Aug 912:30pm3:30pm1st-5th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentLevi Dodge MiddleAug 5Aug 812:30pm3:30pm6th-9th
Register Junior Engineering: GearsKaposia Ed Center ElementaryAug 5Aug 71:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Junior Engineering: GearsArmatage ParksAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Minecraft ModdingDiscovery CenterAug 5Aug 71:00pm4:00pm1st-3rd
Register Minecrafting BasicsFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Mobile Game Development for IOS & AndroidSt. Paul GymAug 5Aug 91:00pm3:30pm10-12
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringHandke CenterAug 5Aug 71:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsOak-Land Middle SchoolAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm6th-9th
Register To be scheduledOak View ElementaryAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register To be scheduledWilshire Park Elementary SchoolAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentOak Point ElementaryAug 5Aug 81:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Aerospace Engineering: KitesTech AcademyAug 7Aug 81:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyMalone IntermediateAug 9Aug 99:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpSibley ElementaryAug 9Aug 99:00am2:00pm1st-5th
Register 3D Movie MakingSt. Paul GymAug 12Aug 169:00am12:00pm6-9 yr
Register Digital Film Making and ProductionJefferson High SchoolAug 12Aug 169:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Intro to Gears and WheelsLinden Hills ParkAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pmK-3rd
Register Minecraft Coding with ComputerCraftTech AcademyAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pm3rd-7th
Register Minecraft Digital AnimationPlymouth Creek Activity CenterAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pm6-9
Register Minecrafting BasicsDiscovery CenterAug 12Aug 149:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Minecrafting BasicsSartell Community Center Maker SpaceAug 12Aug 149:00am12:00pm1st-5th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: Wheels &AxlesFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic BuildersEisenhower ElementaryAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pm3rd-6th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsHidden Oaks MiddleAug 12Aug 159:00am12:00pm10yr
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsDr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkAug 12Aug 1510:00am1:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic BuildersJefferson High SchoolAug 12Aug 1612:30pm3:30pm3rd-7th
Register Robotic Builders: Gamer-botsMendota ElementaryAug 12Aug 1412:30pm3:30pmK-3rd
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesSartell Community Center Maker SpaceAug 12Aug 1412:30pm3:30pm3rd-8th
Register Civil & Earthquake EngineeringOak Point ElementaryAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pmK-3rd
Register Digital Film Production: Special EffectsEisenhower Community CenterAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Robotic Engineering: Wheels & GearsKenny Rec. CenterAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm1st-5th
Register Star Wars Wedo RoboticsPlymouth Creek Activity CenterAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm5th-10th
Register To be scheduledLinden Hills ParkAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpDiscovery CenterAug 12Aug 141:00pm3:00pm2nd-6th
Register Trimble (Google) 3D SketchUpFalcon Ridge MiddleAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm2nd-6th
Register Unreal Game Engine DevelopmentBayview ElementaryAug 12Aug 151:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Motorized Mechanical Engineering: PulleyDr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. ParkAug 12Aug 152:00pm5:00pm3rd-6th
Register Robotic BuildersPrescott IntermediateAug 16Aug 169:00am2:00pm3rd-6th
Register 3D Movie MakingUniversity Rec CenterAug 19Aug 239:00am12:00pm6-8
Register Motorized Mechanical EngineeringChamplin ICE ForumAug 19Aug 219:00am12:00pm1st-6th
Register North Dale Rec CenterAug 19Aug 231:00pm3:00pm10-15yrs
Register 3D Movie MakingUniversity Rec CenterAug 19Aug 231:00pm3:30pm8-10yr
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesLincoln Center ElementaryAug 19Aug 211:00pm4:00pm3rd-7th
Register Structural Engineering: Replica BridgesChamplin ICE ForumAug 19Aug 211:00pm4:00pm3rd-8th
Register Extreme RoboticsTech AcademyAug 21Aug 221:00pm4:00pm4th-8th
Register Crazy Robotic ContraptionsCowern ElementaryAug 22Aug 238:30am3:30pm1st-5th
Register Robotic BuildersSibley ElementaryAug 23Aug 239:00am2:00pm4th-8th
Register Movie MakerArlington Hills Community CenterAug 23Aug 231:00pm4:00pm9-16yrs

About Our Camps

Our Technology and Science camps are hosted by local area Community Ed or Parks and Recreation Departments. You will need to register directly with them for our classes. Cost and actual grade offered at the location will vary and are set by the locations.

We offer 30 different camps in Lego Engineering, Knex Engineering, Video Game Design, Coding, Minecraft, Programming, Digital Films Making, and Lego Robotic classes throughout Minnesota. If a link for a city is not active yet, that means the class is not available for registration yet. Please check back if your city is not active yet.

3D Printing & Modeling3rd-6th or 5th-12th
Battle Royale Game Coding4th-6th or 5th-10th
Game Coding: Platformer3rd-6th
Hacking Java Games3rd-6th or 5th-9th
Intro to Coding with Nintendo CharactersK-3rd
Intro to Coding with Super HeroesK-3rd
Intro to Game CodingK-3rd
Intro to Java Coding4th-6th
Java Game Coding5th-9th
Python Coding4th-6th or 6th-9th
Ultimate Game Coding1st-6th
Unity Game Engine4th-8th or 6th-9th
Unreal Game Engine Development5th-9th
Video Game Coding3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Video Game Coding: Super Mario3rd-6th or 5th-8th
Lego RoboticsGrades
Advanced Minecraft: Command Block2nd-6th
Advanced Minecraft: Crazy Command Block3rd-7th
Java Minecraft Coding: Infinity Gauntlet3rd-6th, 4th-9th
Java Minecraft Mod Development: Superhero Armor3rd-8th
Java Minecraft Modding: Super-tool4th-8th
Minecraft Coding w/ Python3rd-6th
Minecraft Game Designer1st-5th
Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons3rd-6th
Minecraft Multiplayer: City Builder2nd-6th
Multiplayer Minecraft: Map Builder1st-5th or 3rd-7th
Lego EngineeringGrades
3D Engineering: Architectural and Structural DesignK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Adv Engineering: Animatronics and Pneumatics4th-8th
Adv. Engineering: Motorized Machines3rd-6th
Elementary Engineering
Engineering: Crazy Action ContraptionsK-6th
Engineering: Crazy Gears and Wheels1st-6th
Junior Engineering & BuildingK-3rd
Junior Engineering: Theme ParksK-3rd
Solar, Hydro & Wind Powered Engineering3rd-8th
Unreal/Unity (only in MN)Grades
EV3 Robotic Engineering3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Extreme Battlebots3rd-8th
Extreme EV3 Battlebots3rd-6th or 4th-8th
Extreme EV3 Robotics Tournament3rd-6th or 5th-10th
RC Robotics1st-6th
Robotic BuildersK-4th
Robotic Builders: Battlebots1st-6th
Robotic Builders: Robo-Coders1st-5th or 3rd-6th
Robotic Builders: Sports & AdventureK-2nd or 3rd-5th
Robotics: Jedi and Imperial Droids1st-6th
Robotics: Star Wars Battle-Droids3rd-8th
Robotics: Star Wars Droid BuilderK-6th
Star Wars Robotic BuildersK-5th
Wedo Robotic Engineering1st-5th
Scratch Game DesignGrades
Clay AnimationK-9th
Digital Film Making and Production1st-9th
Digital Film Production: Special Effects4th-8th
Movie MakerK-9th
Pokemon Movie MakingK-3rd or 3rd-6th
Star Wars Jedi Movie Making1st-8th
Basics to EngineeringPK-1st

Camp Locations

Find your district below for information on registering.